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International Camping Club

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International Camping Club - MembershipThe International Camping Club is a global camping club which aims to promote tent camping, caravanning, motorhome and RV resources round the world online.

All Types of camping

The International Camping Club promotes all types of camping around the world. Tent camping, touring caravanning and motorhome camping. The ICC also promotes other outdoor holidays online such as Holiday Parks.

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Whatever country in the world your from you are welcome to join the International Camping Club (ICC). Whether you love tent camping, caravanning, exploring in your motorhome or RV please join the ICC today completely FREE !

Aims of the International Camping Club

Link and help campers, caravanners, motorhomers find camping and holiday resources online

help campers find campsites around the world to stay at

To promote and develop camping resources online

To promote campsites and camping grounds online

To promote camping businesses online, camping suppliers, camping shops and more

To promote related businesses and organisations that might be of interest to campers such as places to visit and days out

To promote holiday resources online

Whether you love camping, caravanning, motorhome touring or RV'ing the International Camping Club is developing a worldwide camping network online and a substantial network of camping resources online.

Individual ICC Members Commercial ICC Members
Join the ICC as an Individual Member Completely Free Join tthe ICC as A Commercial Member completely free
"Individual Membership" is for individuals and families "Commerical Membership" is for Sites, Campsites, Camping Businesses, Advertisers etc.

International Camping Club Aims

The aim of the International Camping Club (ICC) is to link camping, caravan and motorhome fans with camping resources online.

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Membership of the International Camping Club is completely FREE.

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Tent Camping, Touring Caravan and Motorhome Camping.

International Camping Club

The ICC has a fast growing network of online camping resources and websites