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About the International Camping Club

Information about the International Camping Club.

The International Camping Club was founded in 2007 by John Cotter a keen camper and motorhome enthusiast. "Outdoor holidays and touring holidays in a tent or motorhome are simply the best, fresh air, great walks and lots to explore, there is so much choice, unbeatable ! ".

My first camping website was "Campsite Directory" a directory of over 2000 UK campsites, camping retailers plus days out and places to visit in the UK. Campsite Directory was launched in 2005-06 and is now one of the UK's leading camping directories.

I wondered why there was no International Camping Club linking campers and campsites, and camping businesses around the world? So I founded the International Camping Club.

How The International Camping Club Works

The International Camping Club works with campsites, camping grounds, camping businesses and related holiday resources to help promote those businesses and organisations online through a fast growing network of websites and online resources.

The aim is simple to link campers, caravanner and motorhomers with the campoing resources they are looking for online.

Take a look at our camping blog for details of the type of websites in the network.

Individual Members

It is completely free for individual members to join the International Camping Club.

Joining is simple, just use of of the "join now" sections such as the one to the right. You can unsubscribe at any time using the "manage subscriptions" link but we very much doubt you will ever want to !

Why sign up?

Sign up for news, information and exclusive special offers from campsites, touring parks, holiday parks and camping businesses registered with the ICC for members of the ICC.

Commercial Membership, For Campsites, Businesses and Organisations

The International Camping Club aims to:

Campsites, businesses and organisations work with the International Camping Club to develop their online presence. Our aim of linking our members and users is done through a fast growing network of camping and holiday related websites.

Our extensive network websites is already over 40 strong and expanding to over 100 websites. Many are targeted keyword specific websites. 

The International Camping Club is a commercial club, not a club owned by it's members. Working to promote camping online.


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ICC's Aim

The aims of the ICC are to promote camping online, and link campers with camping resources online.

Membership of the International Camping Club is completely FREE.

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